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The Deaconate consist of active men and women who play a very significant role in assisting the Elders in the church in caring for the church family. The primary role of the Deacons is to distribute communion during worship.


The Deaconate Ministry consists of 3 Teams which are:

Team One - *Jack Pickard, Valerie Froehlich, Juanita Perez,  Shelby Sewell, Elaine Weatherall

Team Two - *+Jerri McDonald, Laura Buckner, Curtis McDonald, Jerri McDonald, Nancy Wester

Team Three - *Ann Decker, Curt Decker, Patrick Lee, Ann Marie Reep, Keith Reep

Teams One - Three serve at 11:00 with each team rotating Quarterly


Team Four - *Kathy Porter, Arianna Guerrero, Yolanda Guerrero, Dave Harris, Debbie Harris, Byron Little, Elaine Little, Tom Porter

Team Four serves at 8:30 Worship.

*Donates Team Leader; +Ministry Board Rep