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Agape Outreach, 2014

AGAPE OUTREACH, 2014 by Danny Couch

The Season of Christmas is all about sharing; but sharing is not just for Christmas and sharing is not just for those in our inner circle of family and close friends. Christmas was design to challenge us to participate in the simple of act of sharing with those in need. By continuing this act throughout the year, we soon discover that our attitude towards those in need begins to change to reflect that of Christ.


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Wishing We Could Do More at Christmas

Wishing We Could Do More at Christmas

by John Paul Carter

The very first baby born in the Christmas story is John, Jesus’ cousin(Luke 1). He grew up to become John the Baptizer, whose mission was to prepare people for the coming of the Christ. In the Fourth Gospel, where there is no nativity story, John appears early-on as God’s messenger telling his audiences about the Light that was about to shine in their darkness.


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I Will Never...

I Will Never…  by Shannon Moore

I have a cousin who qualifies almost every plan she makes with the phrase, “Lord willing.” For instance, “I’m going to the beach next weekend, Lord willing,” or “Lord willing, I’m going to get a new car next year.” I recently told her about my travel arrangements to fly back to North Carolina on Christmas Day. Of course, she added “Lord willing” for me.


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The Good Life verses The Better Life

The Good Life verses The Better Life

by Danny Couch

Thomas Jefferson was the main author of the Declaration of Independence. This document acknowledges that we are the creation God. Because our place in God’s Family, we have been granted certain inalienable rights: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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At the Beginning of Advent

At the Beginning of Advent

John Paul Carter

The arrival of Advent on our calendars doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the spirit of Christmas will arrive simultaneously in our hearts and feelings. Sometimes we’re like holiday airline travelers who arrive at their destination only to realize that their baggage has been sent somewhere else. On this first Sunday of Advent I’m feeling a little bit like my Christmas spirit may have mistakenly been sent to the West Coast!

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