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Impulses… by Danny Couch

Years ago, Brenda would tell you that I was a very impulsive person. All I needed was an idea and a rationale and get outof my way. She dreaded going out of town because she never knew what she would come back to. I have later learned (through her “assistance”) that being impulsive can be both a blessing, when used appropriately, and a curse, if used selfishly. Emotionally, we tend to be a very impulsive people as well. We tend to react to others according to how we feel. How we handle our emotional impulses sets the tone for the church! Henri Nouwen spoke to me with this statement…

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All Church Meeting

All Church Meeting

to discuss Children & Youth Ministries

& New Staffing

Sunday, September 7th

9:30 am

Cuppett Hall

Back to Wednesday Nights


Something for everyone… beginning September 10

           5:30 pm – Family Dinner

           6:00 pm – Nursery

           6:15 – 7:30 pm – Activities  for Children & Youth

           6:15 – 7:30 pm – Bible Study for Adults

           6:15 – 7:30 pm – Choir Rehearsal

Join us as we get Back to Wednesday Nights!

Sunday, August 24

Teacher Recognition

Sunday, August 24

Thank you teachers for your dedication

to our children & youth this past year!


You are invited to share in

the Baby Dedication of Dinah Lily Carter

daughter of Austin & Jennifer Carter

on Sunday, August 24

11:00 Worship

Taking Ourselves Lightly

Taking Ourselves Lightly

John Paul Carter

Lately, our Sunday worship services have centered on helping us find the sacred in the secular - through music, movies, and cellular communication. However, in the selection of topics, they omitted the comics - the most important section of the newspaper, where every morning I find both the sacred and the human pictured in humorous and succinct ways that pass under my radar and deliver much-needed truth right on target.

Besides the "Three Ps" (Peanuts, Pickles, and Pluggers), one of my favorite comic strips is Mutts, which portrays the antics of all kinds of animals. One episode that I recently clipped and saved pictured two dogs watching a flight of geese overhead.


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