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Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes

are due back to the church on

Sunday, November 17th

so we may bless them before we send

them out into the world!

Forms with gift ideas for boxes & labels are available in the church

office or on the website

The Beatitudes

The Beatitudes

The eight beatitudes found in the beginning of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in the 5,6 & 7 chapters of Matthew represent a process that listeners (Christians) must go through in order to become useful disciples for Jesus. The beatitudes are a process of transformation or changing one’s allegiance from our family, work, possessions, friends to God. The result of this transformation is having HEALTHY and functional relationships with other people and the things of this world.

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Thank you.  Thank you for your time.  Thank you for your effort.  Thank you for your support.  Thank you for being you.  Over this last month, we have sold over $17,000 in pumpkins!  This means we now have $6,000 to help offset the cost of the junior high and high school mission trips.  Each and every one of you who bought pumpkins, worked the shifts, and helped unload the 45,550 pounds of pumpkins has enabled this to happen.  Our church is truly amazing!  

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Turkey Dinner Time

Tickets are available for the "Turkey Dinner" happening onThursday, November 21st,11 am—1:30 pm.

  Kathy Porter will be selling tickets during Coffee Fellowship on Sundays and Joy will have some in the office during the week. They are $10.00 each.

Pie baking will be Sunday and Monday, November 10th and 11th, 3:00 - 7:00 pm.  You are welcome to help at any time during those hours. Cornbread making will be Sunday, November 17th, starting at 2:00 pm.

On Monday, the 18th we will begin cooking turkeys, preparing cranberry salad, and broth.  Tuesday will be slicing turkey, and washing 300+ pounds of sweet potatoes for cooking and slicing on Wednesdaymorning. We start at 8:30 am, Monday through  Wednesday and try to finish  by 2:00 pm. Come at any time, any help is appreciated. Great fellowship is a big part of the prep. 

Don't forget the Bake Sale, ( pies, cakes, muffins, bread, jellies,soup mixes, pickles, relishes, candy, brownies, etc.).Sally Beard is in charge of the Bake Sale,and the Silent Auction is being organized by Kathy Porter.

Any questions, please call Pam Walker, 817-412-8185.

Come and See

“Come and See”

John Paul Carter

Our church’s emphasis this month on sharing our faith has reminded me of my friend, Ben Galloway, who died in 2000. By trade, Ben was a contractor, skilled carpenter, and cabinet maker. Cuppett Hall was built under his supervision. He was my friend and Sunday School teacher – the Friendship Class is named in honor of Ben and his wife Betty. But more than that, Ben was one of the most gracious, generous, caring Christians I've ever known.

One night in 1999, Ben was rushed to a Fort Worth Hospital in critical condition. When I arrived at the hospital the next day, his room was crowded with family and friends. Outside, the waiting room and the corridor were filled with people who had come to offer Ben and Betty their support. And people just kept coming!

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