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Father God,

Let me see with your eyes.

Let me see the hearts of the people around me.

Have my soul be moved by the pain of those around me.

Give me motion,

     give me the will to act with mercy and compassion.

Give me your strength,

     so I can be broken-hearted for the people around me,  

     but not paralyzed by the grief.

Even though I will see the pain of those around me,

     give me joy.

For I know that you are an awesome and mighty God,  

     and all things are for your good.

I do not know the ramifications of the things

     I am asking,

     but I ask,

     that this makes me into the person that you desire.        

-Eric Peters

Christmas Greetings

Christmas Greetings

John Paul Carter

Unfortunately, the Christmas season is no stranger to controversy and bickering. For years Christians have complained about the commercialization of the season and worried that Santa Claus was becoming more important than the baby Jesus. Numerous legal battles have been fought over whether nativity scenes on courthouse lawns violate the constitution. And the use of “X-mas” has often been condemned for taking Christ out of Christmas.

The current debate seems to be centered symbolically around whether or not it’s always fitting to use the familiar greeting, “Merry Christmas” at this time of year. Because of the growing diversity among our population, some believe that “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings” are a more respectful way of expressing our warm wishes in the larger public arena.

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Christmas Project

Participate in Christmas Project by donating today!

Give a blessing to a local family!

  • Place check or cash using envelope in offering plate. Designate it Christmas Project.
  • Mail or drop check or cash by church office.
  • Use online giving through Vanco. Go to Top Tabs - Giving

Gifts can be given as Honorariums or Memorials.

Cards available for Honorarium Acknowledgement.

Disciples Women Fellowship Christmas Luncheon

Disciples Women Fellowship,

Morning Group

Tuesday, December 17

11:00 am

Church Parlor

Holiday Covered Dish Luncheon

Preparation of Gift Bags for Shut Ins


Unexpected! by Shannon Moore

At what I THOUGHT was our final rehearsal before the Christmas cantata, I said to the choir, “We always have the Christmas program on the second Sunday of December. But it is so early this year, we should have pushed it to the third Sunday, the 15th.”

Well, an unexpected winter storm made that happen! Many of us were stuck in our homes for days…worship services all over DFW were cancelled…we had to pull out the heavy coats and the ice scrapers. There was nowhere to go, nothing to do. Cabin fever ran rampant!

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