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Chi Rho Mission Trip 2014


5 Youth & 2 Sponsors from CCC and 5 Youth & 2 Sponsors from Azle Christian Church will participate in the Chi Rho Mission Trip from Sunday, June 8th—Friday, June 13th. They will travel to Austin to be a part of the Reach Beyond Program. These are key points of ministry that the Reach Beyond Mission is based upon.



What's your KPL?

What’s your KPL? by Shannon Moore

I hate the metric system. This is true. When I was a child, they told us in school that the United States was going to begin making the transition from the Imperial System to the Metric System. For some reason, that idea terrified me.

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Ecuador 2014

Cross of PusirEcuador 2014

22 people from CCC and the church from Jacksboro and Midland will be making their way to Pusir Grande in Ecuador on June 17—26. Our main project will be to complete the education building and dedicate it.

Money is still being raised for our missionaries to go and supplies needed for the project. If you are interested in financially supporting the ministry through your gifts, please make you checks out to Bridging Cultures.

Small Groups


Creating small groups is like creating small churches within the church. It is in these small groups where meaningful relationships are established and our faith is deepened. The purpose of small groups is the same as the purpose of the church – to mature in our faith so we can be more like Christ everyday in our words and actions.

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Sermon Series


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