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2014 Summer Camp/Mission Trip Schedule

2014 Summer Camping Season

Disciples Crossing, Athens, TX

Grand Camp I

(Children ages 4—grade 3)

May 30—June 1

Discovery Camp

(Grades 2—3, completed)

May 23—25

Family Camp

(All ages as long as 1 youth is under age 18)

June 6—8

MAD (Music, Arts, & Drama) Camp

(Grades 6—9, completed)

June 9—14

Christian Youth Fellowship (CYF) Conference

(Grades 10—12, completed)

June 16—21

Chi Rho I Camp

(Grades 6—7, completed)

June 16 –21

Niners Youth Conference

(Grade 9, completed)

June 23—28

Junior Youth Fellowship (JYF) I Camp

(Grades 4—5, completed)

June 30—July 4

Eighters Youth Conference

(Grade 8, completed)

July 6—12

Chi Rho II Camp

(Grades 6—7, completed)

July 7—12

Junior Youth Fellowship (JYF) II Camp

(Grades 4—5, completed)

July 21—25

Equine Camp

(Grades 6—12, completed)

July 28—August 1

Grand Camp II

(Children ages 4—grade 3)

August 1—3



Chi Rho Mission Trip 2014


June 8—13


Austin, TX


Reach Beyond Mission


Service opportunities: working to help homeless, food bank, low-income housing, disadvantaged families, senior citizens



CYF Mission Trip 2014

(Grades 9—12)

July 20—25

Bayview, TX

Working with Southwest Samaritan Ministries


All registration forms, descriptions, and price lists are available online @

Contact Molly or Robert with any questions.


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