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Where Two or Three are Gathered...

“Where two or three are gathered in my name,

I am there among them.”

We tend to associate this quote with worship; people congregating in Jesus’ name to offer our praise and thanksgiving to God.

But this passage in the 18th chapter of Matthew was not written with worship in mind. It was directed toward the Disciples as a reminder of what they are capable of doing as a result of the presence of Christ; namely; forgiving, reconciling broken relationships, uniting people of God in spite of our many differences.

The church is not centered on worship (though, in our culture, worship and church have become synonymous terms). The church is centered on relationships made possible by the influence of Christ in our lives. We are called to be in relationship with one another and when we gather in Christ’s name, we are able to do amazing things through Christ who empowers us.

This month we will look at the power and purpose of relationships within the Body of Christ.

We will also understand the value of building close friendships within a small group of people as a way we grow and mature in our faith.  

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