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Be Brave

by Molly Goodrich

One time in Sunday School when I had big teeth and large pink glasses (probably 4th grade), I remember being embarrassed when I finally asked, “which one was born in a manger?” It was a very long time before I realized the difference between God and Jesus.  Maybe that was meant to be when it comes to the whole Trinity thing and all, but I didn’t get embarrassed until after I asked the question.  That’s when my “friends” started laughing.  They had it all figured out already.

In my defense, the relationship between God and Jesus and the Divine and the Human, is sort of complicated, even for the preacher’s kid.  That one event has made it a little difficult to be willing to ask more questions about scripture.  I don’t want to look foolish if I don’t know something about scripture.  But I do know that it’s more embarrassing to pretend more than I really do. 

Have you ever had a moment like that? Or a question?  Or a late realization about scripture?  I hope you have: Not the embarrassing part, but the realization that scripture does eventually make sense.  If you have questions but are too afraid to ask, I hope you will attend the Sunday school hour on October 20th and November 10th when two members of the Brite community come to share his and her understanding of the basics of the Old and New Testament.  Please come with ALL of your questions and your bravery to finally ask them.  It’s is true that you are not the only one with that question.

Be brave in your questioning!

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