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Re - Opening on Sept 27

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Re-Opening Announcement—

Great news!! The Ministries Board has approved worship in the sanctuary!!  (that has to be the oddest statement ever to appear in a church announcement)

Beginning September 27, we will return to the sanctuary with two worship services – 8:30 and 11:00 – with the 11:00 worship streamed live on Facebook. We will have limited capacity in the sanctuary, so the Tech Team is prepared to simulcast the worship service into Cuppett Hall where we will have ‘overflow’ seating if we need it. Nursery care and Worship and Wonder will also be available.

But (there’s always a but), as much as we wish it were so, Covid-19 has not gone away. As we gather in the sanctuary to worship, each of us must do our part to make our time together as safe as possible. Therefore, masks and ‘social distancing’ will be a necessary part of our worship together. We all know that masks are uncomfortable and distancing is awkward, but we must remember that when we wear masks and maintain distance, we are not protecting ourselves, we are protecting those around us. Knowing that these things are truly acts of love for one another will help make our discomfort more bearable.

As we look forward to returning to the sanctuary, we have so much to be thankful for. We all should give our thanks and to praise God for the efforts of our Tech Team, our worship leaders, and everyone involved in making Drive-In Church possible. Because of their efforts, our time in the parking lot has been a blessing indeed!

Thank you,

The Staff of CCC

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