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Church Mission: To love like God loves

Church Mission: To love like God loves.

 The Mission of ever Christian: To Grow, live, and share God’s love in your own unique way.  Paul explains what is love--

Love is Patient (with others) – Love is seeing the person for who they are; not what we want them to be. Love allows others to grow at their own pace, not ours. Love takes the time, effort, and energy to understand and accept a person’s position in life.

Love is Kind - Kindness is an intentional act of mercy that accepts a person without judgment and helps them get from where they are to where God needs them to be. Kind is NOT equivalent to nice; Kind is an intentional effort to love others as God loves.

 Love is not envious - Envy loses sight of the beauty and grace of God’s creation and focuses on another person’s position in life. Envy craves out of one’s own wants and desires, which blinds us of our present blessings.

Love is not boastful or arrogant – Love is humble. Inflating oneself denies, belittles, or ignores the gifts and abilities of those we are joined with to serve.  By inflating our ego we are acting out of our own desire to have others see us as we desire to be seen and not as we truly are.

 Love is not rude – Love prevents our raw emotions from controlling our words or actions that are abusive, hateful, envious, boastful, or arrogant. Being rude is a selfish response to others.

Love DOES NOT insist on its own way, IS NOT irritable or resentful, and DOES NOT rejoice in wrongdoing – All of these actions are REACTIONS that come as a result of hurt feelings, damaged pride, or sheer selfishness. We need to allow God to change those actions in ourselves so that we can represent God’s love in the world. This is why we are here! Changing process: Feel, then think (of appropriate Christ-like response), then act. AVOID: Fell, act, then think!

But Love rejoices in the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. (Patient with God) – God loves the truth about us. We need to accept our frailties and allow God to use us in spite of our weaknesses, past experiences, pain, and suffering. Be patient with God in healing you and building up back up to be stronger and more efficient.

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