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Discipleship Groups

DiscipleshipGroupslogoContact Dan Simmons, Faith Development Minister, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about being a part of a Discipleship Group.  New groups are forming now.  Be a part of this exciting new ministry!

Small Group Ministry (now called Discipleship Groups)

           Simply put, a small group is a gathering of a few people intent on discussing and growing their faith.

Much like a good Sunday school class, a small group is a close knit group of believers who share their love of Christ with each other and help each other grow spiritually. The difference is the group probably won't meet on Sunday, will probably be a bit smaller, and will more closely study the 7 elements of faith as a way of life.

So why start a new ministry? To complement what we already do by providing more opportunities for growing faith. Some want more than is offered, some can't find a class that "fits", some want to be able to meet at a different time or day than Sunday morning. The most exciting reason is we can provide a new, easier way for people to join the faith.

Face it; for some church can be a big scary place. Isn't there someone in your life who you would like to invite to church? What if you could say "There's a new group starting next Tuesday evening. It only lasts for eight weeks for about an hour and a half a night. Why don't you join me? We'll have fun." Suddenly exploring the faith goes from trying to find your way around in a big scary church to joining a friend for a few short gatherings. By the end of the session they will have several new friends in the church and will want to join us as we worship together. How great will that be?

I hope this has cleared it up a bit. I'm sure there are questions but there's only so much newsletter space so let's make a deal. If you have any questions let's talk about it.



More insights to Small Group Ministry:

What's in a Name?  Growing our faith, living our faith, sharing our faith, together.

Our church mission statement has one word that really stands out; Together. It's there at the end, separated from the rest by a comma, but it is there tying everything together. Sure, we are to grow, live, and share our faith but we have to do it together. Alone we can do little but look at what we did together last Thursday at our annual Thanksgiving dinner. We fed 1000 people a delicious meal, together.

A small group is a microcosm of our church. If we think of our mission statement as part of our church’s DNA, then a small group is simply a smaller version of our church. The small group retains all the attributes of the church’s DNA, just with fewer people. A mission statement is more manageable on a smaller scale.

To clarify the term "Small Group" we could replace it with the term "Discipleship Group".

That would be much more descriptive because that's what we are. We are groups of a few people coming together becoming Disciples of Christ. We are growing our faith, living our faith, and learning to share our faith, together.

To imagine how a small group might fit into your life, think about these questions.

Do you wonder if you know how to pray? Does your mind wander during worship? Do you wish to have meaningful God centered relationships? Do you struggle to study scripture and apply it to your life? Do you know someone outside the church who struggles with these questions? Start watching for more information about groups starting soon. Together we can answer those questions, bring God in closer to our hearts, and live as the people God intended us to be, together.


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