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Ordination Service



Shannon Moore

Friday, October 25

6:00 pm

Church Sanctuary

There will be a reception in Cuppett Hall following the service.

Consider This...

Churches that are growing in number and ministry are getting away from using the term “member” to describe the people of their congregation. As long as I have been a part of the church (since 1977), I never understood what it meant to be a “member”. Voting privileges on things I know little about? Stockholder? Reserved pew program? Bragging rights?

Decals? Roster spot? “Pearly Gate” quick pass?

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New Testament Basics

New Testament Basics

Special Guest Speaker during Sunday School Hour on October 20th 

Shelly Matthews is the Associate Professor of New Testament Studies

at Brite Divinity School.  She will be with us on Sunday the 20th

from 10-10:50 to share with us the basics of the New Testament.  

Have you ever had a question about the New Testament but were afraid

to ask because you thought you would look foolish?  

Come to hear Shelly Matthews on the 20th with all of your questions!  

Don't be afraid to ask!!

Kids Hope USA

This year our church family will be venturing into a ministry with the family of Bose Ikard Elementary School in the form of a mentoring program through Kids Hope USA.   The Volunteer Mentors will provide one-to-one mentoring and affirmation for one elementary-aged child at Bose Ikard Elementary. You may be asking, “Why Bose Ikard Elementary School?” Bose Ikard happens to be the only Elementary School in WISD that does not have a Kids Hope USA partner for their at-risk kids. Mentors will spend one hour each week for the school year with one child. This is going to be a great ministry where we can be the hands and feet of Jesus for children in our community who need an adult to believe in them, be faithful, listen to them, and be sensitive to their needs. For more information contact Beth Potter at 817-613-7775.

Be Brave

by Molly Goodrich

One time in Sunday School when I had big teeth and large pink glasses (probably 4th grade), I remember being embarrassed when I finally asked, “which one was born in a manger?” It was a very long time before I realized the difference between God and Jesus.  Maybe that was meant to be when it comes to the whole Trinity thing and all, but I didn’t get embarrassed until after I asked the question.  That’s when my “friends” started laughing.  They had it all figured out already.

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