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Covid Vaccine Information

Vaccine timeline

Texas continues to receive doses of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, and is distributing statewide to hospitals, pharmacies, local health departments, freestanding ERs and other clinics.

if you qualify you can go anywhere in Texas to receive vaccine.

There is a link below with more information and a form to submit online for possible places for the vaccine in Tarrant County without going on site to register. You will be contacted with location and time. Scroll down for blue tab for form at the bottom of page. or

Places in Parker Co that have administered the vaccine thus far are Hometown Pharmacy, PC Hospital District, all area Brookshires, HEB, Medical City Weatherford. You must register at the location and wait to be called in by appointment only. 

In Palo Pinto County vaccine has been available at the Palo Pinto General Hospital and Department of State Health Services, but again you must register and vaccine is administered by appointment only.

We hope this is helpful information in our quest to be safe from Covid.

CCU Classes for Spring

CCU Spring Classes Worship Slide

We are pleased to announce our course offerings for the upcoming semester that begins January 31, 2021. All Classes will meet on Zoom for a one-hour session once per week. Days and times are noted in the class descriptions below.

Space is limited, so register early so you won’t miss your opportunity to engage with the foundational text of our faith – the Bible. Call the church office for more information.  We look forward to learning with you in the squares!

Introduction to the Old Testament – Sundays at 3:00 – Judi Kleinschrodt

Have you ever tried to read the Old Testament but just found it to be too confusing? Join Judi as she teaches how the Old Testament tells the story of God’s people from creation to the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem.

The Acts of the Apostles – Sundays at 3:00 – Derek Wilkerson

The “sequel” to The Gospel According to Luke, ‘Acts’ picks up the story immediately after the resurrection of Jesus. Join Derek as he leads the class through Luke’s telling of what happened next.

The Gospel According to Matthew – Wednesdays at 6:30 – Dan Simmons

Let’s explore the opening book of the New Testament and hear what the First Evangelist has to say about who Jesus of Nazareth is and why we should care.

2021 Sermon Series

Who Do They Say That I Am

The church will come out of quarantine on January 3.

Join us then as we begin a new year

focused on building the Kingdom of God.


Building the Kingdom of God

Who Do You Say I Am?

A Seven Week Study of the Master Builder

January 3 – February 14, 2021

Once when Jesus was praying alone, with only the disciples near him, he asked them, “Who do the crowds say that I am?” They answered, “John the Baptist; but others, Elijah; and still others, that one of the ancient prophets has arisen.” He said to them, “But who do you say that I am?” Peter answered, “The Messiah of God.” --Luke 9:18–20

We have many names for Jesus. The Bread of Life. The Good Shepherd. The Son of God. The Messiah. The Lamb of God. Savior. All of these names remind us of the divinity of Jesus, but we cannot forget that Jesus is also fully human – a son, a    brother, a friend, a teacher. He is God-in-the-flesh who walked with us, laughed and cried with us, the one who died and was resurrected for us. When Jesus walked the earth as a human, he lived a life that continues to teach us how we are to be the people God that created us to be.

As we prepare to emerge from the lockdown and isolation of 2020, we have a chance for a new beginning. In 2021, rather than joining the movement to rebuild the world we knew before Covid – with all of its chaos and pain, we are going to be activists in Jesus’ movement to build the Kingdom of God. We hope you join us in this series as we think of other names for Jesus – names that remind us of what he did in his  earthly life that shows us how we can be activists for the Kingdom of God.


Happy New Year 2021

New Years Blessing

Agape Christmas Meal 2020

Agape Christmas Meal Flyer

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