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Holy Week 2022 Schedule

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Goodbyes to LD

Goodbye to LD

W of C Aid to Ukraine

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Since the onset of active conflict in Ukraine on the 24th of February, over 2 million people have fled the country as refugees, and over 4 million people remain displaced within the country, losing their livelihoods and homes, and separating families. As the conflict continues, and suffering increases, so does the need for coordinated humanitarian support. 

Week of Compassion is in close contact with our ecumenical partners, especially through ACT Alliance. These partners, serving in Ukraine and in the bordering nations, continue to respond to emergent and immediate needs. We will remain engaged as conversations continue about long-term responses as well.

We ask that you continue to pray for peace to come in ways large and small, for the stamina of  relief workers and families, and for the most vulnerable populations who pay the heaviest price in times of crisis. 

We give thanks that you are prepared to wait with us, as our partners assess the greatest needs, and we engage in the most needed response.  And we are grateful that you give. Contributions can be made to Week of Compassion, either at or by check. When designated for International Emergency Response, 100% of your gift will go to people who are impacted by this crisis. Donations can be made through the church by either cash or check, designating Ukraine.

We continue to pray, and to work, toward the vision of a world where God’s people transform suffering into hope.  

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WOW Wed Schedule for 2022

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