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Bridging Cultures World Mission Updates


Trips to Ecuador are forming now for the Summer of 2018.  Work will continue in Chota Valley and building relationships with the people of Village of Pusir.  Contact Danny Couch at 817-594-3053 for more information about this exciting ministry in another part of our world!

Worship, Worship, Worship

Worship, Worship, Worship by Shannon Moore

February is the month we focus on:

Worshipas an Element of our Faith.

I hope that you will pay close attention to everything that happens during your time at church on Sunday morning, and work toward making worship an action, not a thing.

Worship is a VERB, not a noun

As you sing the songs (perhaps songs you don’t know or like), pay attention to the words as an offering or a prayer to God. During the prayer, don’t tune out. Listen to the words of the speaker and use those words to help you speak silently to God. When you hear the words of scripture and the words of the sermon, take them in. Make them part of who you are, and offer yourself back to God. As you take the bread and cup, reflect on just how much God loves us.

After the service is over, take what you did inside the church, and do those same things in your life! Whenever you eat, make it a time of communion. Whenever you sing (even secular songs), look for God in the lyrics. When you wash the dishes or mow the lawn, make it an act of worship!

William Barclay said "The true, the genuine worship is when man, through his spirit, attains to friendship and intimacy with God. True and genuine worship is not to come to a certain place; it is not to go through a certain ritual or liturgy; it is not to even bring certain gifts. True worship is when the spirit, the immortal and invisible part of man, speaks to and meets with God, who is immortal and invisible."

Make worship your life; Make your life worship.

Agape Meal

The Neighborhood Agape Meal is a combination of worship and mission, centering around a delicious family-style meal enjoyed by our homeless neighbors and our members who volunteer to serve the dinner. Worship allows all present to sing, pray for each other, share talents and gifts, hear the Word of God and partake in weekly communion.

Central Christian Church participates in the serving at the Agape Meal on each 2nd Thursday of the month, leaving the church at 5:00 pm & returning about 7:15 pm. Contact Robert Goodrich if you would like to be a part of this great outreach ministry!

Changing Lives

Changing Lives—

by Molly Goodrich

Curt Decker and I took 6, 3rd - 5th graders to Disciple Crossing in Athens, Texas for the first time this past weekend.  Disciples Crossing is the church's summer campsite.  

First of all, a HUGE thank you to Curt for sacrificing his time to help out with the campers!

Second of all, camp is not for everyone, but each of the six kids that we took said, "We get to do this again this summer?!" They loved it!  We had dance parties, worship, small group rotations that taught us how scripture fits into our lives, we hiked, we biked, we created, and we even wrote and acted in our very own play.  There was just no time for sleep.  

What is it about church camp that the kids love so much?  I'm not sure, but I think it has something to do with the live connection they feel between God and self.  Or maybe it's just fun to be away from home for the weekend.  Whatever it is, thank you for your support in sending our children to camp.  It truly has the potential to change lives.  

There is an opportunity for ages 3-20 to participate in camp at Disciple Crossing this summer.  Please contact me or Robert for more information!

Roo Pouch Update

Adopt a Roo

We no longer will collect food items for the Roo Pouch ministry for Hall Middle School.  We now have the opportunity to "Adopt a Roo"!  

It is only $6 a week to provide a kiddo healthy food to get them through the weekend. Instead of going out to lunch or dinner, we can write a $30-35 check (once a month) to this ministry to ensure that a youth from Hall Middle School does not go hungry over the weekend.  

Tarrant Area Food Bank will provide the items prepackaged.  We will need volunteers to help make bi-weekly or monthly runs to Ft Worth for the pre-made pouches.  We will also need back-up volunteers to help deliver the pouches to Hall when Lisa Martin is unable to drop them off. 

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Martin

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