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Thank you...Church

Hey CCC,

First off, Molly and I want to thank you again for your unbelievable generosity and participation during the Chili Cook-Off and Cake Auction on Youth Sunday.  I have said it many times, if it were not for a church like you, our kiddos would not have opportunities to attend mission trips that are extremely affordable.  Thank you again for your faithfulness, support, and love.

This year, the Jr High youth will be heading down to Austin where we will have the opportunity to volunteer at numerous area non-profits working with the homeless, low-income families, children, people with disabilities and the elderly…

just to name a few items on the agenda.  This mission trip is now $50 per youth, which can only happen because of this great church.  We will be working with Reach Beyond Mission @ The High School mission trip will be located down near South Padre Island, in a town called Los Fresnos.  We have been on this mission trip before (2 years ago) and had a great time.  

We do not have a set "job" yet, but it will consist of getting our hands and feet dirty and tired, working right along side our friends at South West Good Samaritan Ministries @  This mission trip is only $125 total, and again, is only possible because of you.

Thank you for who you are.  Thank you for what you do.  Thank you for being...Church.

Serving Christ with You,


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